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Jan 3, 2022

The Rundown
In this episode we learn how some burdens, the ones that bring us together in the physical world, can be good burdens. I chat with author Christina Crook about her new book all about just that. Next up, a beautiful cookbook that centres around the seasons, family and a kitchen table. We coming together, all the time, on this audio outing.

The Good Burdens of Christina Crook
Christina Crook is an author, workshop leader and speaker. She’s also worried that as a species we fail to thrive if we don’t connect. If we don’t take on, as the title of her new book suggests, “Good Burdens” Those are the tasks that bring us together not isolate and divide us the way Crook thinks social media does. I talked to her about good burdens and connections. Here’s our conversation.

Trish Magwood’s New Table
Chef and entrepreneur Trish Magwood also has a new book out. Hers is about bringing family together around the dining table. The book is a beautiful celebration of good, local, seasonal food and essential ingredients, the most essential being the people who come together over food. Here’s our conversation.

End Notes
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