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Dec 6, 2021

The Rundown

In this episode, we meet up with Canada’s favourite Internet dad, Stuart Reynolds, or as you might know him, Brittlestar - the comedic nemesis of Covidiots everywhere. Next up, that jovial jill-of-all-trades Karen Bertelsen explains why making, fixing, and cooking stuff yourself is good for the planet. So, funny people with a purpose in this episode.

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Stuart Reynolds (aka Brittlestar) got famous six seconds at a time on the once-popular short video sharing platform, Vine. But these days Brittlestar - more about the name later - has won the hearts of YouTube watchers with his deadpan takes on mask-wearing and taking a humourous jab at folks who don’t want to get one. We talk about his musical, and Scottish past and his plans for humour on the other side of COVID - Omnicron variant notwithstanding.

That was Brittlestar, scourge of idiots everywhere. You can learn more about Brittlestar at

Karen Bertelsen

Karen Bertelsen is a rare bird - a funny Do It Yourselfer. On her blog The Art of Doing Stuff, Karen teaches us how to raise chickens, and dough and roofbeams, and well, tackle just about any home and garden reno you could imagine. Here’s our chat about how all that helps keep the planet ticking along. And you can learn more about Karen at


End Notes

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