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May 1, 2019

Adam Koziol - Earthgen International

Adam Koziol used to be an ad man in Toronto. Then he and a friend got a crazy idea of growing mahogany trees with superpowers roots in the Caribbean. Over the years that idea morphed into something even more fantastic, growing truffles from the roots of hazelnut and oak trees in Ontario. Working with Spanish scientists Adam has inoculated young trees with the stuff that truffles are made from. He’s sold those trees to over thirty growers in Ontario who now are counting down the years to a possible truffle windfall. I visited Adam on his farm, and the headquarters for Earthgen International, near Dunville, Ontario to talk about his fantastic fungus factory.

Kathleen Gailas

I speak with Kathleen Galias is a pharmacist who, with her husband, Patrick Hazen, have started Open Hazelnut Farm in Guelph. They're just shy of four years away from a potential truffle crop.  


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Vanessa Farnsworth - Science Journalist

Vanessa Farnsworth had her life laid low by Lyme disease, so she knows its toll on health, happiness and relationships. She also knows how ticks have been moving into Canada as unwanted invaders. She wrote about that in the Spring issue of Harrowsmith Magazine. I chatted with her about ticks and the complicated role climate change might play in their spread.

End Notes
Want more Harrowsmith? No problem. Visit our website. And, you can read Vanessa's story on ticks in the Spring issue of Harrowsmith Magazine. It's on selected newsstands across Canada or you can order subscriptions online at

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