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Jul 13, 2020

This episode is a third generation duck farm and a remarkable multicultural handshake that rocketed the unusual poultry farm to success. Next up, an intimate tour of Price Edward Country, bottomless lake and all.

King Cole Ducks

Patti Thompson is one of four sisters who run King Cole Ducks near Stouffville, Ontario. That farm has been running for almost 70 years. It was a bit of an oddball at first, ducks just weren’t as popular as beef and chicken in the fifties,  but a few decades later, a wave of Chinese immigration washed upon Canada’s shores and that, and an handshake changed the company forever.


A Tour of Prince Edward County

Phillip Norton is an avid photographer and a lover of Prince Edward County. He leads van tours around the kind-of-an-island that juts out into the northeastern part of Lake Ontario near Bellville. I caught up with Phillip between van trips and learned about the alcohol soaked past of that landscape and the wine and locals that set it apart. Here’s that conversation.

End Notes
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