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Apr 10, 2021

The Rundown

In this episode we go all-in on planting, planting gardens that are gyms, therapy, and workplaces that don't take a lot of work. And planting that attracts pollinators, our little at-risk insect pals that do all the heavy lifting when plants want to have sex, with a middle man. 

Elizabeth Peirce and Grow Hope

Elizabeth Peirce is an award-winning author, a mom, and an avid and frugal gardener in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In her new book, Grow Hope, she brings a fresh take on starting a garden from scratch, kitchen scraps, and ingenuity. She sees gardens as gyms, workplaces, and classrooms. And also as a place to toss your banana peels and bicycle box cardboard. 

You can learn more about Elizabeth and her book here.

Pollinator Partnership Canada

Pollinator Partnership Canada is a non-profit that aims to protect and promote pollinators and their ecosystems through conservation, education, and research. I had a chance to talk with the organization’s director, Vicki Wojcik about our pollinator pals, and there are hundreds of different kinds.

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