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Oct 4, 2021

The Rundown

In this episode Emm Gryner who rocketed from a chicken farm to singing backup for David Bowie talks about how singers, and the rest of us, can uncover the voices we’ve got inside us. Next up, Ilona Daniel, Harrowsmith’s relatively new food editor explains how Anne of Green Gables and a father named Gilbert changed her life. 

Emm Gryner - Uncovering Your Voice

Emm Gryner’s new book, The Healing Power of Singing, is, yes, a practical guide to becoming a strong singer and making it in the music business. But, it’s more than that. The book is full of poignant stories of the triumphs and heartbreaks in Gryner’s own life, and the idea of uncovering your voice, putting yourself in the path of opportunity and finding strong mentors is advice we all could use whether we sound like Sinatra or not. Not, in my case. Here’s my conversation with Emm all about voice.

Ilona Daniel - A New Food Editor is Served

Ilona Daniel has only been Harrowsmith Magazine’s food editor for a new months. I got to speak with her when she had just taken on the gig. We discuss her love of vibrant food, local producers and Anne of Green Gables. Here’s our conversation.

End Notes

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