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Jun 1, 2019

This episode of Harrowsmith Radio is about extraordinary vegetables, wild weather and the water it brings with it.

First up, we head to the east coast, the outskirts of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to be exact. There we meet Niki Jabbour. Niki’s a bestselling gardening writer and author of Veggie Garden Remix. She's discovered hundreds of vegetables beyond the rank and file tomatoes, lettuces and squash and other produce you might have already tucked into the soil of your garden. Ground cherries and snake gourds for everyone!

Next, we head to Perth County and chat with sheep farmer Sarah Loten. She's had to cope with the  wild, wet weather that has been playing merry hell with a sheep farm. 

End Notes
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By the way, the music in the podcast? It's by good ol' Canadian singer, composer and friend of the 'cast,  David Archibald. You can find more of his music at his website,